Ways of Wellness Treatment Guide

Reiki & 3 treasure Breath Work: £

3 treasure breath work opens up the bodies energetic systems by expanding the lungs and opening up the heart Chakra. If we get into this wave prior to commencing reiki we are creating an expansive channel for universal healing to pass through with a more natural flow. Energetically this builds up even greater strength in the meridians resulting in some very powerful healing.

Emotional Escape Massage: £

Trapped emotions cause stress internally and externally. This triple action treatment combines breath work to calm the mind, movement to encourage the free flow of Qi which in turn massages the meridians allowing any trapped stagnation to be released, and finally manual massage to move issues from tissues and muscles. A totally holistic treatment that beautifully takes you into a state of deep relaxation resetting our inner equilibrium.

Reset and Repair Massage: £

This treatment starts with a 5 stage breath cycle worked through in a low posture seated position to encourage the opening of the base chakra which helps us to feel grounded and connected. Triggering the stability of the mind and body. This cycle works with the bodies central nervous system, resetting any irregular breathing patterns and allowing deep relaxation of the abdominal muscles so great for removing anxiety and fears. This is followed with a palm stroke massage using the Eve & Keel sleep trio, the most amazing treatment to have if you are a worrier and not a warrior in the evenings as this induces a peaceful night’s sleep. Breath work and Massage at their best.  

Soul on Soul Candle Massage Ritual £

This is more than just a treatment, it offers a journey through your energetic vortexes. Promoting balance, alignment, peace and serenity. By engaging the 8th Chakra or the Soulstar and Pulsing through sen line, or meridian pathways on the soles of feet we create a yin yang pull that draws new energy down through our outer heaven to connect us to our inner earth energy. This treatment involves meditation, chakra placing, a Himalayan salt foot scrub, massage of the feet and legs and candle pouring.

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