All massages starts with posture analysis, correction, breathing focus and aura sprays


Aromatherapy Massage

 Essential oils will be been specifically selected and blended to alter your mood, heal a condition or create a general sense of well being

#Healing the pure and natural way

Back, neck and shoulders £29.00

Face, neck and shoulders £29.00

Full body massage £39.00

Swedish Massage

Designed to invigorate, increase circulation and stimulate the energy levels

#invigorate yourself

Back, neck and shoulders £26.00

Legs and feet £22.00

Full body massage £36.00

Halo Meditation Massage

Guided meditation for those who find it difficult to turn off, need to de-clutter their thoughts or struggle with general relaxation. This focuses the mind to aid with the massage

#Namaste and Peace 

Back neck and shoulders £28.00

Face neck and shoulders £29.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Bassat dark stones are used to fill the muscles with heat so that you the client goes into  a state of relaxation facilitating a deeper massage

#Ultimate luxury and pampering gift

Back neck and shoulders £30.00

Face neck and shoulders £30.00

Rungu South African Draining Massage

A wooden baton is used to drain excess fluid from the muscles, great for the sporty ones

#Ultimate Outdoors

Back neck and shoulders £30.00

Legs and feet £30.00

Soya Warm Candle Massage

A soya candle is heated to room temp and then gently poured on the area. 

A nourishing and nurturing treatment

#Feeding the skin and loving the soul

Back neck and shoulders (including candle) £39.00


Crystal Healing Massage Including Sound Therapy and Aroma Essence

Gem stones and crystals are used to balance the chakras, clear the aura and bring balance to the inner being. 3 forms of sound are used to cleanse and clear with the focus on pitch to revitalise.

#Not for the faint-hearted a journey to the soul is a real adventure.

Back neck and shoulders £30.00

Face neck and shoulders £30.00

Full Body Massage £40.00


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