Holistic Treatments

Indian Head Massage - £

The aim of this treatment is to release stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head face and neck. Ideal for relieving stress, tension, insomnia, and fatigue.
Indian Head Massage with Qi Energy - £
Indian Head Massage with Hot & Cold Stones - £
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Hopi Ear Candles - £

Hopi Ear Candles with Facial Cleanse & Massage - £

Ancient Treatment Designed To Reduce Pressure In The Inner Ear Canal And Remove A Build Up Of Waste or Mucus From The Ears or Sinus Passages. Using Natural Cotton And Beeswax Candles Direct From India.
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Qi Energy & Lymphatic Massage - £

 a Combination of eastern and western techniques. We introduced some basic yang sheng combinations, rescue breath ritual, bamboo tapping ritual, gua sha and body combing all of which oxygenate the blood before draining with western massage moves.
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Reiki - £

Reiki is a concentrated form of vital life energy force channelled for the purpose of healing. The Reiki energy is transferred through the laying on of hands through a series of positions.
Designed to bring balance and harmony

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Reiki with Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing - £

Reiki with a twist. 
The 7 Chakra systems that can cause an imbalance to our physical and mental well-being are brought into alignment using sound and crystals. 
#healing from the heart

Gua Sha Body Restorative Sitting Massage - £

Gua Sha is a type of therapeutic massage technique performed with a round edge massage tool. 
Used in china for thousands of years, Gua means to scrape or rub and Sha means to flush. The treatment is an express session designed to quickly eliminate toxins from the muscles.
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